Thursday, November 8, 2007

John Weeks interview with FDA's Phillip Chao

1. Retired Clinical Psychologist/Nutritionist Not Convinced by Chao Interview

"The FDA's past history doesn't inspire confidence and trust in what Chao claims he and his FDA colleagues are doing now. Since the FDA has stated that 'only a drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease,' the FDA has been operating on the basis of a contrived lie that has been highly beneficial to drug companies. Well researched health effects of fruits, vegetables, and dietary supplements cannot be claimed because the claims 'haven't been evaluated by the FDA.' How many young people have needlessly died of sudden massive fatal heart attacks from magnesium deficiency because supplement manufacturers could not legally, according to the FDA, relate magnesium to cardiac health and function? For years, the FDA has been much better at playing legal-semantic games than scientific integrity.

"When it comes to the FDA's activities, including supporting CODEX, I will remain extremely vigilant. Your interview with Chao does not convince me otherwise."

Richard Malter, Ph.D.
Retired Clinical Psychologist
Nutrition Counselor

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